27-28-01-a: TANF Cash (Child-Only Case)

Enter the code that matches the description for a TANF Cash (Categories 04, 06, text deleted) case that does not contain an adult.

1 Adult relative (not a parent) ineligible due to 60-month cash limit
2 Revised TextAdult relative is convicted of a drug-related felony, is a fugitive felon, or is in violation of parole/probation

Child living in home of a relative

NOTE: Use this code when no other descriptions apply.

5 Adult relative receives SSI
6 Adult relative is an ineligible noncitizen
8 The system enters an 8 when the case is child-only and the system is unable to determine the correct description. The FCRC must enter the correct code the next time an action is taken on the case
9 Child living in home of a parent who receives SSA, VA Railroad Retirement, Black Lung (SSA) disability, or blindness benefits, and parent is not in case