27-34-01: TANF

Following is the list of TANF (category 04 or 06) zero grant reasons and codes that are either centrally entered, or entered by the Family Community Resource Center, depending on the reason.

1 Recoupment results in a zero grant. Centrally Entered.
2 TANF client failed to cooperate with a cash only eligibility requirement. This includes a client's failure to cooperate with a REDE within 11 months of the Last Medicaid Determination Date. Zero grant reason 2 cancels the TANF benefits while continuing the medical assistance. There are 4 reasons why this can occur:
  • home visit attempted - FCRC was unable to contact the client (TA 31/TAR 99);
  • failure to return a REDE form when a prior REDE was completed within the last 11 months (TA 31/TAR 35);
  • failure to return verifications necessary to determine cash eligibility (TA 31/TAR 39); and
  • failure to keep a scheduled appointment for a cash eligibility requirement (TA 31/TAR 69).
3 Everyone in the unit is eligible for medical only (code 3 in Item 78).
  • The case is determined income ineligible by the system and remains income eligible for SNAP; or
  • there is new or changed earned income or child support and the Family Community Resource Center determines the case income eligible, but the system determines the case income ineligible. Centrally Entered.  NOTE: The system generates a batch exception list. (See WAG 25-07-05-a.)

Family Community Resource Center Entered.

Use when budgeting income to:

  • identify receipt of a periodic extra check in the budget month, or
  • when the budgeting of excess child support makes the case ineligible for cash.

NOTE: AIS or IPACS entry of code 8 in Item 34 requires the entry of at least one income code in Item 90.

Centrally Entered. If the system determines the case ineligible for cash, it places the case in zero grant and enters an 8 in Item 34 of the turnaround Form 552.

deleted text

Case is in zero grant due to Work First.

Centrally Entered or Family Community Resource Center Entered.


Case is ineligible for a cash payment due to a sanction.

Centrally Entered.

Entry is based on the presence of an active Item 80 code 165, 166, or 176 and Item 90 code 512 is equal to the cash payment.

NOTE: Code C cannot be entered or deleted by the worker.


Client ineligible for TANF due to 60-month lifetime limit, but someone in case may still qualify for cash.

Centrally Entered.

F Only child in case is age 18 and not coded as full-time student in Item 73. Centrally entered.

Ending Zero Grant Status

To remove a case from zero grant status (except for code C, Sanction), process a TA 31 action using the TAR for deleting the zero grant reason code. Use any change TAR to remove code E.

To remove a case from zero grant status due to a sanction (code C), change the Item 80 Sanction Reason Code. (See WAG 03-13-05-d for repealing a sanction, or WAG 03-13-05-e for ending a sanction.)