27-05-00 Item 5: Caseload

The caseworker's name does not appear on Form 552. The FCRC must assign a 3-position identifier to each caseload.

Intake Applications

Single alpha A-L in the first digit and double numeric in the next two digits of the caseload number designate the month and date of an applicant's appointment. For example, a caseload designation of A31 indicates that a person has an eligibility appointment on January 31.

Intake Caseloads

Each FCRC intake unit is identified by the letter M-Z. The letter is used for the first position of the caseload number for each eligibility worker in that unit. Each unit within the same FCRC has a different letter.

Assign each eligibility worker a unique 2-digit number (00-99) for use in the last 2 positions of the caseload number. Do not repeat the same numeric designation within a unit (it may be used in different units).

Enter the caseload identifier at the time of assignment to the eligibility worker. The identifier can be entered either on Form 552 or in AIS.

At the disposition of an application that is being forwarded to the Service Coordination caseworker, enter the caseload identifier to ensure a correct turnaround document.

When a SNAP application is approved and an application for cash and/or medical is pending, enter the eligibility worker's caseload identifier on the SNAP case.

Downstate Service Coordination and Statewide SNAP Caseloads

Assign each Service Coordination worker a 3-position identifier. Double alpha AA-ZZ plus a single digit between 1 and 9 are reserved for use by Service Coordination units conducting application and reapplication activity. The identifier can be entered in ACM or IPACS.

Unit/caseload designations which are all alpha or all numeric are non-intake.

Cook County IM Caseloads

Enter in either ACM or IPACS the 3-digit caseload number assigned by category:

  • AABD Cash (Categories 01, 02, and 03) - 101 through 199 (Spanish Language Unit [SLU] 160 through 170);
  • TANF Cash (Categories 04, 06, P4, and P6) - 401 through 499 (SLU 460 through 479);
  • text deleted
  • Medical (Categories 91, 92, 93, 94, and 96) - 901 through 998 (SLU 960 through 980);
  • SNAP Only (Category 08) - 801 through 899.