27-01-04: Basic Number

The basic number is an individual number assigned by the Family Community Resource Center. Some basic numbers begin with a letter.

NOTE: For Category 98 cases, the basic number is assigned by DCFS.

A case ID number which has been incorrectly assigned to a case can never be used again if it is not currently assigned to another case; it must be voided. The system rejects any new case using a basic number assigned to another pending, active, or suspended case.

Use the old assigned case ID number when you reinstate a case (TA 12) and when you change a payee and the new payee had an assigned case ID number (TA 14 and TA 15).

When changing the case number due to a change of payee on a handwritten Form 552, enter the old number at the bottom of the box and the new number at the top of the box. Do not line out the old number; this is the only place on Form 552 where you do not line out an old entry. For how to change the basic number, see WAG 25-07-04.

When a Representative Payee (RPY) is appointed for a child(ren)-only case, assign the basic number to the RPY.

When a person is a caretaker relative for an 06 case and is also a Representative Payee for an 04 case, a separate basic number is required for each case.