WAG 25-06-09-a: Get a Job

The purpose of Get a Job was to identify at Intake job-ready applicants (Category 04 only) with no pre-school children and to help them find employment within the first 6 months of assistance. Cases were automatically enrolled at Intake and disenrolled when they became employed or when 6 months passed.

The initiative began 07/01/95 in the following 4 Family Community Resource Centers:

  • Macon,
  • Madison,
  • Peoria, and
  • Winnebago.

Effective 11/01/95, Get a Job was implemented statewide except for the Auburn Park Family Community Resource Center and the Williamson County Family Community Resource Center. In Auburn Park, newly approved cases were designated as either an E (experimental) or C (control) case via Item 80 code 780 WRD. No cases in Williamson County were assigned to the Get a Job initiative. Effective 04/01/96, cases in Williamson County were broken into C (control) and E (experimental) cases.

Starting 06/01/98, cases were no longer selected for Get a Job.