Imposition of a penalty against a customer/case for failing to cooperate without good cause.

text revisedSanction process

Refers to the process of progressing through the procedures necessary to impose a sanction.

secondary school

High school.

new textservice coordination

Actions that need to be completed on a case in order to keep the case current (e.g., this could be a redetermination of eligibility for a program; a customer-reported change such as a change in residence or income). May also be referred to as case maintenance.

sheltered care

A group living facility that provides only supervision to residents.


A natural (blood-related) or adopted brother or sister. This includes half-brothers and half-sisters who have one parent in common.

simplified processing unit

A SNAP unit in which all persons in the unit are approved for or are receiving benefits from one of the following programs: TANF Cash or SSI.


The abbreviation SLF stands for Supportive Living Facility. An SLF combines housing, personal care, 24-hour security, activities, and health-related services in response to the individual needs of the person. An SLF does not provide nursing home care. It offers an alternative living arrangement for persons who are in need of nursing home care, yet have the ability to live independently with some assistance.


The acronym for a Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary. SLIBs qualify only for payment of Medicare Part B SMIB premiums, unless they are Medicaid eligible.


The abbreviation for Spanish Language Units. An SLU is a benefit unit that has no adult who can speak or read English fluently. Forms must be provided in Spanish to SLUs, and bilingual DHS employees or interpreters must be made available for effective communication.

new textSmall Business Health Option Programs (SHOP)

A program created by the ACA to simplify the process of finding health insurance for small businesses, similar to the Marketplace for individuals. Business owners can review pricing and coverage in apples-to-apples comparisons, complete a single application, and choose the level of coverage that works for their budget, business, and employees. Tax credits may also be available.


SMIB is the acronym for Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits. These are health insurance benefits for other than hospitalization that are provided under Part B of the Medicare Program of the Social Security Act. The Department buys these benefits for individuals who qualify.


Acronym for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP is designed to improve the nutrition of low-income people. Eligible people receive food credit in dollar amounts, and can use it at participating retailers for food they need for good health.  SNAP benefits are 100% federally funded. Eligibility is based on income, assets, and various nonfinancial requirements.

SNAP only unit

A benefit unit that receives SNAP benefits together, but does not receive cash or medical benefits together.


This abbreviation stands for Skilled Nursing Facility. A SNF is a nursing home that is licensed to provide total nursing care to residents. A SNF/PED is a Skilled Nursing Facility licensed to provide care for children.

new textSocial Security Administration (SSA)

A federal agency that administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits. To qualify for these benefits, most American workers pay Social Security taxes on their earnings; future benefits are based on the employees' contributions.

social security claim number

A 9-digit number and an alpha suffix that identifies the type of benefit received and the account of the person upon which the claim is paid.

social security number (SSN)

A 9-digit number assigned to an individual by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The number is used to record a person's earnings from which social security tax has been deducted.

special allowance

Cash provided for special needs that are not included in the basic cash allowance.


The difference between a benefit unit's countable income and assets and the MANG standard for the unit. A benefit unit must incur medical expenses equal to the monthly spenddown amount before a MediPlan Card is issued for a month.


Supplemental Security Income. A public assistance program for the aged, blind, and disabled that is administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).


State Supplemental Payment. Another term for the AABD cash program.

State Based Marketplace (SBM)

A state-run website where individuals can buy insurance from qualified health plans.

State Online Query (SOLQ)

An SSA inquiry system that allows Department staff direct online access to current SSA data. Used to verify information about SSA, SSI, Medicare, and disability.

new textState Verification Exchange System (SVES)

A computer interface with the Social Security Administration that allows the State to verify a customer's citizenship and social security number.

new textState Wage Information Collection Agency (SWICA)

The State agency (in the case of Illinois the Department of Employment Security - IDES) required by the federal government to collect quarterly wage reports from employers in the State in order to verify employment related income and eligibility information.


The spouse of a child's natural or adopted parent.

support obligation

The amount owed by the noncustodial parent for the obligation of support of his/her child(ren), as specified in the order for support. This includes current support, medical support, and any payment on arrearage, delinquency, and/or reimbursement of TANF or foster care payments.

support order

A court or administrative order that provides for periodic payment of monetary and/or medical support for a child or (former) spouse. In addition, the order may also provide for:

  • modifying, resuming, or paying arrearage accrued under a previous order, or
  • reimbursement of support.


Withholding cash revise text benefits. A suspension cannot be for a period longer than 3 months.


The transfer of a case within the same category from Cash to Medical or Medical to Cash.