new textBasic Health Program (BHP)

An optional health insurance program that allows states to use federal tax dollars to offer subsidized coverage for lower income individuals who would otherwise be eligible to purchase coverage through the state Health Insurance Marketplace.


The Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange system. BENDEX compares the social security number(s) of a person(s) who receives benefits from DHS to information from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This helps DHS keep information current about benefits a customer receives from programs administered by the SSA.

new textBeneficiary Identification Code (BIC)

A code the Social Security Administration uses to identify a recipient of benefits.

benefit availability date

The date a customer's cash and/or SNAP benefits are available through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system.

benefit unit

All members included in a case for which benefits are being received. Benefits may include cash, medical, social services, and/or SNAP.


Basic Educational Opportunity Grant. A federal grant program that provides financial aid for attendance at post-high school institutions.

best estimate

Best estimate is the name given to the anticipation of earnings when making a determination of prospective eligibility and payment amount. Best estimate for active cases is based on the customer's statement of anticipated rate of pay, hours of work, and number of expected paychecks. Best estimate at intake is based on previous earnings and anticipated changes.

biological father

See genetic test.

blood test

See genetic test.

budget chart

A chart that shows the cash allowance for basic needs.

budget month

Budget month is the fiscal month from which income and other eligibility factors are used to determine the benefit amount.


Budgeting is a process that involves arriving at the correct benefit amount by comparing: the needs of the benefit unit, the assistance standard for the benefit unit, and the nonexempt income and assets of the benefit unit.

Bureau of Medical Eligibility Policy (BMEP)

The Bureau in the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services that develops policy for medical programs.