PM 23-08-04-c: When to Report TPL

WAG 23-08-04-c

Report new TPL sources or changes in TPL to the TPL Section when any of the following happen:

  • Approval of an application.

    NOTE: When a client gets medical in one case and cash in another case, only refer the TPL for the medical case. 

  • Assistance is restored. Report new TPL sources and sources that were available before that are still in effect or have lapsed while the case was inactive.
  • Backdating medical. Report any TPL sources available while a case was backdated that had not previously been reported.
  • Resumption of a suspended case. Also report any TPL sources that ended while a case was suspended.
  • Any new health insurance sources are discovered (including group health plans available through employment during a medical extension).
  • Another person in the unit is added to TPL sources already reported. This can be when there is another person added to the case, such as a newborn.
  • A TPL resource ends.
  • Any other change in health insurance coverage occurs.