PM 23-08-03: Explain TPL to Client

WAG 23-08-03

Go over the TPL brochure at the intake eligibility interview.

Tell clients at both intake and at each eligibility review that:

  • They automatically give their rights to TPL payments to HFS when they apply for or get assistance. This includes anyone else they may be applying for, such as a child's right to TPL payments through another parent.
  • HFS has the right to be repaid for medical bills that it pays that a third party should have paid.
  • They must tell HFS about TPL sources and any time there are changes in TPL, including when there is a change in who is covered.
  • They must show medical providers both their health insurance ID and their MediPlan Card when obtaining services.
  • An adult who does not help HFS collect TPL payments is not eligible for medical (see PM 03-19-00).
  • An adult who does not help HFS get child support payments (including health insurance) is not eligible for cash and medical unless there is good cause.