WAG 23-08-01-d: HIPP Program Enrollment

  1. (HIPP Unit) Decides that a client's health insurance plan is cost- effective.
  2. (HIPP Unit) Pays premiums:
    • back to the beginning medical eligibility date for new approvals, or
    • with the next payment for active cases.
  3. (HIPP Unit) Pays only the client's prorated share, when it is only part of the actual premium, unless the only way to keep the policy is by paying for other medical assistance clients.

    NOTE: Premiums may be paid for a non-eligible family member only if necessary to enroll a HIPP participant.

  4. (HIPP Unit) Reimburses the client if they must pay the premium through a payroll deduction or directly, when payments total $50 or more.
    1. (FCRC) Verify payments of premiums. Verification may be:
      • copies of payroll stubs showing insurance deductions,
      • canceled checks (showing both sides),
      • money orders, or
      • cash receipts.
    2. (FCRC) Contact the HIPP Unit if a client reports the reimbursement for paid premiums as lost or stolen.

      When a client enrolls or disenrolls from HIPP or the premium amount changes: 

  5. (HIPP Unit) Enters a code on Form 552. A message is printed in Item 93 to notify the Family Community Resource Center.

    NOTE: The Family Community Resource Center cannot enter or change Item 80 code 361 HIPP. 

  6. (FCRC) Check Form 552 to see if a client is enrolled in HIPP. Look for the following codes:
    • TA 31,
    • TAR 89,
    • TPL Resource Code in Item 79, and
    • Code 361 HIPP in Item 80 followed by the average monthly premium payment.
  7. (FCRC) Contact the HIPP Unit (217)524-8268 to discuss specific cases or to confirm if medical should be denied or stopped for a noncooperating adult.