WAG 23-08-01-c: Financial Recovery Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. (FRC) Reviews each HFS 3459B and verifications received from Family Community Resource Center for completeness.
  2. (FRC) Sends HFS 3459B and verifications with a cover memo to the TPL Section-HIPP Unit before case approval.

    If the premium is due shortly and it appears likely the case is eligible, HFS may pay the health insurance premium before approval. If the next premium is due within 20 days:

  3. (FRC) Immediately faxes HFS 3459B and verifications to the TPL Section at (217) 524-3047 - Attention: TPL Section-HIPP Unit.
  4. (HIPP Unit) Contacts the applicant's insurance company and medical providers to verify any missing information.
  5. (FCRC) Send HFS 1442 to the TPL Section with "HIPP" marked in the upper right corner, when the case is approved and the client is already enrolled in a health plan.
  6. (HIPP Unit) Sends the client and Family Community Resource Center a copy of HFS 3459C, Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Notice of Decision, after the cost-effectiveness review.
  7. (HIPP Unit) Sends the FRC a health plan enrollment status report with any follow-up action needed.

     If the client enrolls in the health plan after receiving HFS 3459C:

  8. (HIPP Unit) Completes HFS 1442.
    1. Sends a copy to Family Community Resource Center.
  9. (FCRC) File copy in case record.

     If the client cannot immediately enroll in the health plan:

  10. (HIPP Unit) Sends the Family Community Resource Center a health plan enrollment status report.
  11. (FCRC) Set a control to remind the client they must enroll in the health plan at the next enrollment period.