WAG 28-05-04: Issuance of CTA Transit Cards

  1. (CW)  Evaluates a client's need for transportation.
  2. (CW)If eligible, completes Transportation Fund Authorizations (Form 2366).
    1. Fills in all client identifying information and completes Items I, II, and III.
    2. Marks all unused spaces as NA.
    3. Initials any changes made.
    4. Writes out the number of CTA Transit Cards being requested. For example, write 14 as fourteen.
  3. (CW) Takes completed Form 2366 to supervisor for signature if issuance exceeds $10.00.
  4. (Supervisor) Reviews the completed form.
    1. If the form is appropriate and correct, signs and returns to caseworker.
    2. If the request exceeds $60.00, the casework supervisor must obtain the OM's signature.
    3. If changes are needed or issuance appears to be inappropriate, discusses with caseworker and voids Form 2366, if not approved.
  5. (CW) Keeps 3rd copy of Form 2366 in case file.
  6. (CW) Gives the client first and 2nd copies of Form 2366.
  7. (CW) Directs client to the office Cashier.
  8. (Cashier) Obtains first and 2nd copies of Form 2366 and client's ID.
  9. (Cashier) Reviews Form 2366 for correctness.
    1. If there are errors or discrepancies, calls the caseworker to resolve.
    2. Notifies the CoF (or designee) if Form 2366 appears altered or stolen.
  10. (Cashier) Reviews the client's ID Card to verify identity.
  11. (Cashier) Enters the number of CTA Transit Cards to be issued in Item III of Form 2366.
  12. (Cashier) Directs the client to sign Form 2366 in Item III.
  13. (Cashier) Disburses CTA Transit Cards to the client.
  14. (Cashier) Places the first copy of Form 2366 in box marked Originals.
    1. Places 2nd copy of Form 2366 in box marked Cashier file copy.