WAG 28-05-03-b: Reimbursement of Fund

  1. (CoF) Requests reimbursement of CTA Transit Cards as needed to maintain an operating inventory.
  2. (CoF) Secures original copies of Transportation Fund Authorizations (Form 2366) and Transportation Fund Daily Summary Sheet (Form 2366B).
  3. (CoF) Prepares original and 2 copies of Transportation Fund Reimbursement Request (Form 1664).
    1. Enters in Items IB and IIB the number of CTA Transit Cards requested.

      NOTE: This should equal the number of CTA Transit Cards as calculated on the Form 2366B. 

    2. Enters initials on "Requested By" line.
  4. (CoF) Submits Form 1664, Form 2366B, and Form 2366 to the ERFU.
  5. (ERFU) Reviews Form 1664, Form 2366, and Form 2366B for accuracy and determines amounts to be sent to requesting office.

    NOTE: If ERFU's audited issuance total for any date is different from what is actually issued, a listing is produced that compares the office count to the ERFU count. The discrepancy needs to be corrected. 

  6. (ERFU) Completes Parts I and II of Form 1664.
  7. (ERFU) Faxes copy of the completed forms to CoF and mails originals.
  8. (ERFU) Prepares order for CTA Transit Cards.
  9. (ERFU) Notifies the delivery service for delivery to the CoF (or designee) at locations requesting reimbursement.

    NOTE: Orders are in complete packets of CTA Transit Cards. 

  10. (Delivery Service) Delivers the CTA Transit Cards to CoF.
  11. (CoF) Inspects the package of CTA Transit Cards received and signs Mailing Receipt accepting delivery.
  12. (CoF) Verifies contents of package to determine actual number of CTA Transit Cards received.

    NOTE: When the CTA Transit Cards are counted, a 2nd person must be present as a witness. 

  13. (CoF) Compares totals with numbers shown on the Form 1664 for accuracy.
  14. (CoF) Completes, signs, and dates Part III of the Form 1664.

    NOTE: The witness also signs and dates Form 1664. 

  15. (CoF) Distributes Form 1664:
    • Returns original form to the ERFU.
    • Files copy of form with office records.
  16. (CoF) If there are no discrepancies, posts date and number of CTA Transit Cards received in Ledger Book. See WAG 28-05-03-c for fund discrepancies.