WAG 28-05-02-b: Reconciling the Cash Box

  1. (Cashier) Reviews and totals all original Transportation Fund Authorizations (Form 2366) and completes Form 2366 at the end of the workday.
  2. (Cashier) Counts CTA Transit Cards in cash box.
  3. (Cashier) Reconciles the cash box by completing Form 2366B.

    NOTE: If discrepancy is noted, immediately notifies the CoF. 

  4. (Cashier) Enters on Transportation Fund Daily Summary Sheet (Form 2366B) the number of CTA Transit Cards issued and remaining at the end of the day.
  5. (Cashier) Returns original Form 2366, Form 2366B, and cash box with remaining CTA Transit Cards to CoF.
  6. (CoF) Counts the CTA Transit Cards returned by the cashier.

    NOTE: The count should agree with the cashier's count. 

  7. (CoF) Signs Form 2366B to verify receipt of remaining CTA Transit Cards returned at end of day.
  8. (CoF) Files Form 2366B, supported by Forms 2366, for future submittal to ERFU for reimbursement.
  9. (CoF) Records all daily transactions in the Inventory Ledger Book.