WAG 28-04-03-a: IPACS Submittals

(FU) See WAG 28-02-03-a when you receive Form 552 indicating a change of address.

  1. (FU) Route the original of Form 552 to the Data Input Operator (DIO).
  2. (DIO) Transmit actions according to the procedures in the IPACS II Manual.

    Never hold Form 552 actions more than 24 hours after they are ready to be transmitted. Form 552 actions must be transmitted as they are received on a daily basis. 

    1. When an action for authorization is accepted by the computer, enter initials, date, and the schedule assigned by the computer in Item 43 of the Form 552 being entered.
    2. When an action is not accepted by the computer, make no entry on that Form 552. Complete a Terminal Rejection Report (Form 2874) and go to the next document. After all transmittals are completed, check for errors on any rejected Forms 552. Return Form 552 and Form 2874 to the authorizing caseworker for correction.
  3. (DIO) In the City of Chicago offices, when benefits are being authorized and GA terminated, process both actions together. Enter the cancellation action for GA first and then the approval action for TANF. When both actions are completed, route Referral and/or Disposition of Application (Form 221A) to the GA worker. In all offices outside the City of Chicago, route Form 221 to the GA office after the action to authorize benefits is entered on the terminal.
  4. (DIO) Remove the terminal output sheet and fasten this sheet to the corresponding Form 552 sets after all transmittals for a batch are completed. Check each Form 552 against the terminal output sheet to verify which actions were accepted by the computer.
  5. (DIO) Identify and correct any incorrect entries made. Immediately enter any items or actions omitted during transmittal.

    NOTE: Messages entered by the terminal operator and responses by the computer produce a printed record of each transaction. Save this paper record for 30 days in order to trace errors. 

  6. (DIO) After transmittal, returns the Form 552 and Form 2874 to the FU.
  7. (FU) File the original copy of Form 552 in the case financial folder and retain as the official audit document.
  8. (FU) Dispose of Form 2874.
  9. (FU) Return a copy to the authorizing caseworker as confirmation of action taken.

Appeal Decisions and Pre-Hearing Authorizations

(FU) Process an authorization as a result of an appeal decision or pre-haring review via the IPACS terminal, when possible. See WAG 28-04-03-b for exceptions processed through the Exception Processing Unit (EPU).