WAG 28-02-05: Reissuance of Assistance Actions - Type Action 55

When Form 552 is received to reissue benefits and/or MediPlan Card, the Local Warrant Unit (LWU) reviews the form for correctness.

  1. (LWU) Enter the reason for the replacement action in the Remarks section:
    • Check Voided by PA-5
    • Stop Payment Placed Via Form 98
    • Check Voided by Form 119
    • Check Voided by Form 305
    • Check Voided by Form 1405
    • Check Voided by Form 2672

      NOTE: Verify void actions requested by Form 119 from the Comptroller's Pull Listing before processing the replacement. 

  2. (LWU) Use the voided check, or the document authorizing the void, as proof for replacement actions.

NOTE: HFS WCU processes replacement actions for Child Support Pass Through checks.