WAG 28-02-03-b: Void Actions

Notice of Undeliverable Pass Through Check (Form 2672)

  1. (Comptroller) Voids the check upon receipt.
  2. (Comptroller) Completes Form 2672.
    1. Sends it to WCU/HFS WCU.
  3. (WCU/HFS WCU) Sends a copy of Form 2672 to the LWU.
  4. (LWU) Route the Form 2672 to the CW for a disposition on replacing the check.
  5. (FCRC) Completes the Form 2672 and return it to LWU.
  6. (LWU) Return completed Form 2672 to WCU/HFS WCU within 10 days.
    1. If the check is replaced, attach Form 552.

Illinois Link Void Actions

  1. (FCRC) Complete PreMail Action Request (Form 1253), and route to LWU.
  2. (LWU) Enter void action into PF 12 of PACIS.

When Form 1253 is accompanied by Form 552 requesting the rewrite of voided benefits:

  1. (LWU) Verify the void action.
  2. (LWU) Process Form 552 based on the instructions in Section E.