WAG 28-01-03-a: Family Community Resource Center Requests

Do not routinely retrieve a stored record if a client reapplies. Only retrieve the old record if it contains verification needed to establish eligibility and the information can only otherwise be obtained with considerable difficulty.


  1. (FCRC) Send IL 444-1038, Retrieval Request, to Records Management.

    NOTE: Check the disposal date to avoid requesting destroyed material. 

    1. Specify the agency box number, the State Records Center box number and a description of the material needed.


  1. (FCRC) Contact Quad County Central Files.
    1. Give them the case name and number.
  2. (Quad County Central Files) Retrieves the record(s).
    1. Completes the charge out card.
    2. Sends the case record to the office that requested it.