PM 23-05-02 SNAP: Overpayments

WAG 23-05-02

a SNAP overpayment is repaid using the following methods:

  • cash payments or any of its generally accepted equivalents; or
  • offset of a past month's issuance (see WAG 23-01-02-b); or Illinois Link benefits or SNAP coupons; or
  • monthly recoupment (active cases) (Only one claim at a time can be recouped.); or
  • offset and intercepts of various state payments, including but not limited to wage garnishments, income tax refunds, and lottery winnings (canceled cases only, except that BOC may intercept any irregular and/or unexpected state check); or
  • collection through the Treasury Offset Program for deduction of the debt from tax refunds, Social Security benefits, and/or other federal checks (canceled cases); or
  • public service in lieu of paying the claim, when ordered by a court.

new textCustomers who have their SNAP benefits expunged and have an outstanding SNAP overpayment will have their overpayment reduced by the expunged amount.

Collection action may be taken against all adult SNAP unit members at the same time.

Once an overpayment claim has been entered on the Accounts Receivable System (ARS), BOC sends a demand letter and repayment agreement to the client. If a client contacts the Family Community Resource Center about the letter, refer the client to the Family Community Resource Center Financial Recovery Coordinator (FRC) or the Family Community Resource Center designee.