WAG 26-04-03-a: How to Complete HFS 222

  1. (Employee) Provides necessary information to complete HFS 222 to SPU at the end of the approved period or the end of the month.
  2. (SPU) Completes HFS 222.
    1. Has HFS 222 reviewed and signed by the client.

      NOTE: If the client cannot sign because of death or severe illness, note the fact in the signature space.

  3. (Employee) Returns original HFS 222 and 2 copies to SPU and keeps the final copy.
  4. (SPU) Reviews HFS 222 for errors or omissions. The name, address, and SSN of the employee must be correct and legible. If payment is for a person (non-relative) with the same name or address as the client, explain the situation in the Remarks section.

    NOTE: There must be an SSN for payment.

    1. Compares the charges on HFS 222 to charges agreed on. If the amount is different than the amount agreed:
    2. Lines out the incorrect amount or rate and writes in the correct amount immediately below in Box 10.
    3. Explains in the remarks section the changes made.
  5. (SPU) Approves payment by signing and dating HFS 222.
  6. (SPU) Mails all original copies of HFS 222 daily to Bureau of Fiscal Operations, Springfield - Attention: Vouchering - Direct Pay Unit.
    1. Keeps a copy of HFS 222 in financial files.
  7. (Direct Pay Unit) Issues payment directly to employee, usually within 10 days of receiving HFS 222.