PM 24-05-02-b: Excess Support (TANF)

WAG 24-05-02-b

After allowing for the pass through payment amount, the current support amount collected that exceeds the cash benefit amount is the excess. This excess is paid to the client.

Do not cancel benefits for the family when the noncustodial parent pays more than the usual amount of support payments and:

  • there are no other changes which would cause ineligibility; and
  • the following month the income is expected to return to the usual amount of support payments.

If a child is SWAPPED from TANF to Medical and new manual materialDCSS owes excess support for when the child received cash benefits, New Manual Materialchild support is exempt for cases that use MAGI budgeting.  See PM 08-03-02-a

When an excess support payment goes to a client, the Family Community Resource Center receives a Notice of Receipt of Excess Child Support from new manual materialDCSS. 

A recording is made on the Recipient Warrant Ledger when an excess child support payment is:

  • issued;
  • returned as undeliverable;
  • reported as lost or stolen;
  • voided; or
  • reissued by the central office.