WAG 26-03-03: HFS 2404X, Notice of Overpayment

HFS 2404X, Notice of Overpayment, gives detailed information on the reason for the overpayment and how it was determined. Complete HFS 2404X for overpayments reported through ACM or by mail to BOC, Field Recovery Unit. For overpayments processed through ACM, the information on HFS 2404X is used to prepare centrally generated client notices:

  • HFS 2404XAG, Notice of Overpayment - Grant, or
  • HFS 2404XAF, Notice of Overpayment - Food Stamps.

Send the original HFS 2404X to the client as a notice of the overpayment when:

  • HFS 2404X is used with HFS 2404C, Change of Overpayment Information; or
  • when HFS 2404 is sent to Springfield.