WAG 26-03-02: HFS 2404, Overpayment Referral

The caseworker completes HFS 2404, Overpayment Referral, to report an overpayment. The supervisor reviews the completed HFS 2404 and sends it to the Financial Recovery Coordinator (FRC). The FRC reviews the form and assures that it is processed through Automated Case Management (ACM) for establishment of a claim on the Accounts Receivable System (ARS). The caseworker must check the ARS and tracking to make sure that the overpayment does not include any months already reported for a previous claim. Once the overpayment is entered in ARS, notices of overpayment are centrally generated.

Complete one HFS 2404 to cover the entire overpayment period, even if the overpayment occurred over intermittent months and the reason for the overpayment was different. A HFS 2404X must always be completed along with HFS 2404.

The FRC will return the HFS 2404 to the caseworker if:

  • the period of overpayment is not clearly shown;
  • HFS 2404X is not attached;
  • the amount of the total or the person overpayments shown on HFS 2404 and HFS 2404X do not match;
  • the case ID information is incomplete; or
  • the entry on ARS shows a discrepancy in the calculations.