WAG 26-02-01: Notice of Decision on Application (Form 360 Series)

Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or Food Stamps - Local (Form 360 Series), is a multi-page notice with 10 separate sections. Complete each relevant section based the number of persons and types of aid requested. The applicant may receive a multi-page notice.

The Form 360 series of pages are labeled/divided into 2 major parts:

  • Cash/Medical Section (Pages Form 360D through Form 360I); and
  • Food Stamp Section (Pages Form 360J through Form 360N).

NOTE: Pages Form 360P and Form 360Q of the Form 360 series contain applicant rights and responsibilities and appeal rights.

Locally complete and send the Form 360 series to the applicant when:

  • an application is processed through AIS but the FCRC has reason to suppress the centrally generated Form 360C; or
  • an application is processed through IPACS.

See WAG 25-02-06 for charts that show when to send Form 360C, the Form 360 series, and other approval/denial notices.