PM 24-04-06: More Than One Sanction at the Same Time (TANF)

WAG 24-04-06

A case may have more than one person who has incurred a sanction for failure to meet the child support requirement. A case may also have 2 or more sanctions imposed for different requirements, such as a sanction for the child support requirement and a sanction for the activity requirement. A case cannot have one person with 2 sanctions for child support at the same time, even if the client fails to cooperate with CSE for 2 children.

If the client fails to cooperate for one child and is sanctioned and then fails to cooperate for another child during the sanction, take no action on the 2nd noncooperation unless the first sanction ends. If the client cooperates and ends the first sanction but still has not cooperated for the 2nd child, impose the next higher level sanction for the month the first sanction ends. If the client cooperates for both children, do not impose the 2nd sanction.

When there are 2 (or more) sanctions at the same time, the sanction penalties can be the same (both 50 or 100%) or different (one 50% and the other 100%). If the penalties are the same, cash benefits are reduced as though there were only one sanction. If the penalties are different, cash benefits are reduced by the more severe penalty, as though only that sanction were in effect.

The severity of the penalty depends on both the level and length of the sanction. A first level sanction in the 4th month has a penalty of 100%, which is more severe than the 50% penalty for a 2nd level sanction in the first 3 months.

Both (all) sanctions must end to restore full benefits. If a 100% penalty ends before a 50% penalty, benefits are restored at 50%.

For 2nd and 3rd level sanctions, when the minimum 3-month periods overlap, the overlap months count for both sanctions.