WAG 24-04-03: Reconciliation Process

PM 24-04-03

new text(DCSE) Creates 'Notice of Failure to Cooperate' (Form 1611) for a client who fails to cooperate. Form 1611 includes the noncooperation reason and the date of noncooperation.

Form 1611 is available on a daily basis via HFS Mobius Report 4BPAFE4P 'HFS1611 Inter-Office Mail'. DSCE also mails a hard copy of Form 1611 to the FCRC.

(FCRC DSCE LIAISON) Accesses HFS Mobius, prints Form 1611, and distributes to the caseworker daily.

(CW) Immediately, sends Reconciliation Appointment Notice (Form 2846) to the client.

Form 2846 must be mailed to the client no later than 45 calendar days from the date Form 1611 is posted in Mobius. The posted date is the date of the notice on both the printed and electronic version.

Do not send Form 2846 to custodial parents who do not receive benefits for themselves and persons who are not custodial parents. They are not subject to sanction or penalty if they do not cooperate with CSE activities.

(CW) Files Form 1611 in the case record.

(CW) Files a copy of Form 2846 in the case record and provides a copy of Form 2846 to the FCRC DSCE LIAISON.

(FCRC DSCE LIAISON) Follows up to verify that Form 2846 was mailed to client and that all other appropriate actions are taken on case.

(CW) Clearly document all actions taken on the case and the reason why all actions were taken.