PM 24-04-02: Penalty for Refusal to Comply (TANF)

WAG 24-04-02

To be eligible for TANF benefits, the client must be willing to comply with child support enforcement, unless good cause exists. A client who states that they refuse to cooperate with the CSE requirements, without claiming good cause, is not eligible for TANF benefits.

If the client is required to be in the TANF filing unit, deny the cash request for the entire family unit. For active cases, SWAP the case to Medical. Do not include the noncooperating person in the Medical case. If the client is an optional unit member, deny/stop cash for the client only and approve/continue it for the rest of the family.

This penalty is imposed only when there is a direct, stated refusal to comply with the requirement, without good cause, not a failure to appear for an appointment or to take a required action. Supervisory approval is required to impose this penalty.

The penalty ends when the person states they are now willing to cooperate with the child support enforcement process. The client's statement is enough to show willingness to cooperate. However, she is still subject to sanction until she gives paternity information.

If the client fails to comply with the CSE requirement, without a stated refusal to comply, try reconciliation (see PM 24-04-03). Impose a sanction (see PM 24-04-05) only when reconciliation is not successful.