WAG 24-03-02-b: Denial of Paternity

(FCRC) When a mother states she was married at the time of the child's conception or birth, the husband/ex-husband is the presumed father. If she states another man is the biological father and wants his name on the child's birth certificate, tell her she will be referred to DCSE. DCSE will address the paternity issue. Do not do a paternity interview.

However, if the mother is in the Family Community Resource Center with both the biological father and the presumed father, and all want to sign the required paternity forms, have her and the presumed father sign Form 3416D. Then have her and the man named as the biological father sign Form 3416B.

NOTE: Form 3416D can be used only when Form 3416B is also used.

Witness the signatures if they sign the forms in front of you. Give one signed copy of Form 3416B and Form 3416D to each the mother and the biological father for their records. File one copy of each form in the case record. Forward the original of each form to DCSE.

When Form 3416B and Form 3416D are signed and properly witnessed, the biological father is the legal father.