WAG 24-02-03-c: Pregnant Woman Who Refuses to Comply (AABD)

(FCRC) When a person who receives AABD Cash or AABD Medical is pregnant, and is responsible for a child who receives TANF, AABD, medical benefits or All Kids and has not cooperated in the CSE process, take the following actions to provide medical.

  1. Open a Moms and Babies case for the noncooperating woman (see WAG 06-09-00). Enter the child(ren)'s cross-reference case ID in Item 60.
  2. Update the child(ren)'s Form 552, Item 60 with the Moms and Babies case ID number. Enter RPN in Item 8 if not already present.
  3. When the child is born, add the child to the children's case and code Item 78 with code P. Set a manual control for 60 days after the end of the pregnancy to determine if the client is willing to cooperate with CSE.

If she agrees to cooperate:

  • For downstate offices, each Family Community Resource Center is to send an e-mail to the Child Support regional office serving their Family Community Resource Center.
  • In Cook County, a request for an appointment is to be placed in the child support "drop box" located on the desk of the Financial Recovery Coordinator.

If she refuses to cooperate, stop her medical benefits by canceling the Moms and Babies case.