WAG 24-02-03: Medical for a Pregnant Woman

PM 24-02-03

When a client whose medical was stopped due to noncooperation with CSE provides proof of pregnancy, provide medical as follows:

  1. (DCSE) Sends a Change In Case/Noncustodial Parent Status (Form 493) to the FCRC when the client says she's pregnant. This form is sent whether or not the client cooperates.

    NOTE: Use Form 493 in addition to Form 1611 for a pregnant client relative who does not cooperate. Do not deny or cancel medical benefits for a pregnant woman who fails to cooperate, if otherwise eligible. 

  2. (FCRC) Authorizes medical for the pregnant woman as follows:
  3. (FCRC) Set a manual control to determine cooperation, when the client who did not cooperate receives medical only. Set the control for 60 days after the end of the pregnancy.