WAG 22-14-01: Conducted by Bureau of Research & Analysis

PM 22-14-01

Family Community Resource Center Actions

  1. BR&A sends an explanatory memo to the FCRC when information may affect a client's eligibility or level of aid. Sends any available related case information.
  2. Verify the information.
  3. Process the case action indicated by the new information, such as:
    • submittal of authorization documents,
    • referrals,
    • overpayment decisions,
    • appeals, and
    • reapplications.

      NOTE: The FCRC may contact the Bureau of Research and Analysis, if needed:

      100 South Grand Avenue East
      Springfield, IL 62762
      Phone: (217)782-1128 

  4. The system generates "Cases Without a Response in More Than 45 Days" when case action has not been transmitted within the established time.

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