PM 22-13-00: Limited English Persons (LEPs)(AABD, RRP, TANF)

WAG 22-13-00.

Clients who are not fluent in the English language and who do not have an interpreter are referred to as Limited English Persons (LEPs). This does not include clients who simply are more comfortable communicating in a language other than English or who prefer to communicate in a language other than English.

This policy does not apply to Spanish Language Units (SLUs) for SNAP benefits. See PM 22-11-00 for SLUs.

When dealing with an LEP:

  • determine what language the client speaks;
  • through an interpreter, advise the client that interpreter services are provided unless the client wishes to use another adult as an interpreter;
  • through an interpreter, advise the client that if the interpreter provided by the client is ineffective, another interpreter who will be effective will be provided by the Department.

Do not delay the filing of an application by an LEP due to the unavailability of an interpreter.

Do not send forms or letters that contain a statement telling the client to bring an interpreter with them.

Mark the front outside cover of the case file of each adult LEP identifying the client as an LEP and what language the client speaks.