WAG 22-12-02: Voter Registration at Change of Address or Face to Face REDE

For each client who reports a change of address or completes a face to face redetermination interview in the FCRC, complete Form SBE R-24 Voter Registration Information.

  • If the client is already registered or chooses not to register to vote, place an X in the box marked No. Ask the client to sign, date and print their name on the form. When a client refuses to sign, note on the R-24 that the client refused to sign the form. Route the original to the Office Liaison for retention in the office registration files. 
  • If the client would like to register to vote, complete the voter registration question by placing Y in the box marked Yes.  Ask the client to sign, date and print their name on the form.

Ask the customer if they would like help in filling out SBE R-19 Illinois Voter Registration Application.  If yes, provide the assistance needed.

Forward the original SBE R-19, Illinois Voter Registration Application and the SBE R-24 Voter Registration Information to the Office Liaison.  See WAG 22-12-01 for duties of the Office Liaison. 

Note: The R-19 should not be held until the case is processed, but submitted to the office liaison when received.

The customer response on form SBE R-24 is electronically tracked through ACM and IPACS submittals as follows: 

ACM Submittals 

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new textThe system asks, "Does The Client Want To Register To Vote?" Answer the question based upon the completed SBE R-24 when completing the required actions on the case. The question is prompted for address changes in which TA 31 is used and the address is changed and for REDEs processed by a DHS office.

  • new textEnter Y=Yes if the customer checked Yes on the SBE R-24 and SBE R-19 is completed.
  • new textEnter N=No if the customer checked No on the SBE R-24
  • new textEnter X=Not Applicable in all other situations, including when a client is not present and therefore unable to complete the SBE R-24.  This also includes when an SBE R-19 is received and no SBE R-24 is completed such as if the SBE R-19 was centrally mailed.

IPACS Submittals

new textThe process described below may vary based on local office practices. Because the voter registration questions are not on the Form 552, they are included on Form 2943 or Form 552B - this is usually for use in offices with a data entry clerk. If a caseworker has access to IPACS and is processing the action these forms may not be required. 

  • For TANF/SNAP, address the voter registration question on Form 2943, TANF Information /Food Stamp Central Notice. Attach Form 2943 to Form 552 and forward to the data input operator for submittal.
  • For MANG/SNAP, address the voter registration question on Form 552 Supplemental, Form 552B.  Attach Form 552B to Form 552 and forward to the data input operator for submittal.