WAG 22-12-01: New Applications/Voter Registration Application via AIS

(Intake) The Voter Registration Screen appears after Screen 8D.  In Option U, the screen appears after case registration.

Note: For regular roll approvals that are not processed via AIS, complete the voter registration process via ACM or IPACS.

(AIS) system determines if the adult(s) are a citizen and 18 or older and if yes to both, goes right to the screen to ask if they want to register to vote.  The screen asks," Client Wants to Register (Y/N/X)". Enter the correct response: Y=Yes, N=No, and X=Not Applicable.

  • Enter Y if the applicant checked Yes on the SBE R-24 and SBE R-19 is completed.
  • Enter N if the applicant checked No on the SBE R-24.
  • Enter X in all other situations, including when a client is not present and therefore unable to complete the SBE R-24. 

If the customer who is interviewed in person says that they are not interested or are already registered to vote, staff are to complete Form SBE R-24 Voter Registration Information.  Ask the customer to sign the SBE R-24.

If the client refuses to sign, note on the SBE R-24 that the client refused to sign the form. Route the original to the Office Liaison for retention in the office registration files.

If the customer wants to register to vote, ask them if they would like help in filling out SBE R-19 Voter Registration Application Form and provide the assistance needed. 

Forward the original SBE R-19 Illinois Voter Registration Application to the Office Liaison when it is received.  Do not hold the SBE R-19 until the case is processed.

Office Liaison Duties

Each local office has transmittal forms (SBE R-25).  The Liaison completes SBE R-25 transmittal form and forwards it to the proper election authority.  Because there is a legal requirement to submit the forms within 5 days of the last day to register before an election, the forms should be submitted on the last workday of each week. Any time a SBE R-19 is received, forward to the local election official. Do not copy and retain the R-19, Voter Registration Application.

  • new textNOTE: To find the local election official go to the State Board of Elections at www.elections.state.il.us . In the middle of the SBE home page is a section titled Search Engines. Click on "Choose Search Option", then "Election Authorities", and finally "Search". Choose the county of residence from the drop down menu to get the contact information for the county election authority. Follow procedures in WAG 22-12-01 under Office Liaison Duties to forward the application.

The liaison must sort the applications by election jurisdiction, county or board of election commissioners. Write the name of each election jurisdiction on a separate transmittal form. Attach the transmittal form to the top of the Illinois Voter Registration Applications (SBE R-19).

On the transmittal sheet (SBE R-25), enter the number 1 and your local office number.


  • Champaign Local Office enters 1019.
  • Macon Local Office enters 1063.
  • Western Local Office enters 1201.

Count the number of applications to be sent to each election authority and record the number on the transmittal form. Date each transmittal sheet.

File the agency copy of the transmittal form. Mail the completed SBE R-19s and the transmittal form (SBE R-25) to your local election authority. A listing may be found at www.elections.il.gov

To ensure confidentiality, each envelope that is mailed to the local election authority must have the return address of the State Board of Elections in the upper left-hand corner.

Retention Procedures

The Office Liaison at the DHS office retains the SBE R-24 (Voter Registration Information), (when received), and the SBE R-25 (Voter Registration Transmittal) in a confidential manner separate from the customer's DHS file for a minimum of two (2) years. After two (2) years such forms may be destroyed in accordance with Administrative Directive, Records Management, Disposal and Protection Guidelines.

Do not copy and retain the R-19, Voter Registration Application.