WAG 22-08-14: BENDEX/SSA Benefit Family Community Resource Center Inquiry Program

PM 22-08-14.

Refer problems and discrepancies to the SSA/PCU for resolution. Complete and use Discrepancy Referral Form (Form 1925). Mail or fax the form and copies of any attachments to:

SSA Program Control Unit
P O Box 19112
Springfield, IL 62794-9112
Phone:  (217) 785-4216 or (217) 524-7555
Fax:  (217) 524-7554

BENDEX and SOLQ share comparable fields (see WAG 25-04-04). SOLQ information is online and is more detailed than BENDEX information. Use SOLQ to verify a client's regular Social Security benefit data (amount of benefit, Medicare eligibility, etc.). The monthly BENDEX information is used for central budgeting. When the Social Security benefit amount centrally budgeted differs from the amount claimed by the client, complete an SOLQ inquiry. If SOLQ information confirms the client's statement, send a Discrepancy Referral (Form 1925) and a copy of the SOLQ inquiry to the SSA Programs Control Unit (SSA/PCU).

If SOLQ does not confirm the client's statement, obtain other proof of the SSI amount received. Send Form 1925 with the other proof to SSA/PCU.


  • investigates the problem;
  • takes action to correct the problem;
  • excludes the client's SSA income from central budgeting, if appropriate; or
  • contacts the Family Community Resource Center to request that certain actions be taken.

The following explains information that appears on the inquiry screen. Some codes are for information only and do not require Family Community Resource Center action.

    • MM/DD/YYYY
    • Claim number under which SSA benefits are being received.
    • MATCHED - Fully processed record. Pertinent data extracted from SSA's Master Benefit Record.
    • BENEFITS TERMINATED - SSA benefits terminated, refer to payment status code for reason.
    • BUY-IN TERMINATED - SMIB Buy-In terminated.
    • POSSIBLE SURVIVOR BENEFITS - Number holder is deceased.
    • UNMATCHED DATA - BENDEX information does not match Client Database.
    • NO TITLE II - Not entitled to SSA benefits; however, SSI, RR, or BL may be involved.
  • DATE: 
    • Date benefit check was received. MM/YY
    • Date of disability onset. MM/YY
  • DUAL ENTITLEMENT INDICATOR  Indicates the beneficiary is entitled on more than one claim number.
    • D = Dual entitlement
    • T = Triple entitlement
    • Blank = No other entitlement

      If coded D or T, the upper right-hand corner of the screen will read, "PAGE: 1***MORE." To access the dual entitlement information, follow the prompt at the bottom of the screen by pressing the PF8 key. 

  • EXCLUSION CD: Exclusion from Central Budgeting.
    • 01 No valid SSN on CDB.
    • 02 SSA/PCU is working on case.
    • 03 No usable BENDEX response from SSA.
    • 04 Dual/Triple entitlement discrepancy.
    • 09 Excluded from food stamp budgeting.
    • Last name, first name, middle initial.