PM 22-08-14: BENDEX/SSA Benefit Family Community Resource Center Inquiry Program

WAG 22-08-14

BENDEX provides Social Security benefit data and Medicare data for clients. The following information is provided on the screen:

  • date of birth;
  • claim number;
  • communications code;
  • disability date;
  • dual entitlement indicator;
  • exclusions from central budgeting;
  • HIB data (Medicare Part A);
    • HIB option code
    • HIB begin/end dates
    • HIB premium amount
  • last name/first name/middle initial;
  • payment status;
  • SMIB data (Medicare Part B);
    • SMIB option code
    • SMIB begin/end dates
    • SMIB premium amount
    • SMIB premium payer
  • SSA benefit amount for current and 2 previous months; and
  • Social Security Number.

The Department uses monthly BENDEX information for central budgeting of regular Social Security benefits. When the Social Security benefit amount centrally budgeted differs from the amount claimed by the client, complete an SOLQ inquiry. If SOLQ confirms the client's statement, refer the discrepancy to the SSA Programs Control Unit (SSA/PCU). If SOLQ does not confirm the client's statement, obtain other proof of the amount received and refer to SSA/PCU.