PM 22-07-01-a: Department Payment of HIB Premiums

WAG 22-07-01-a.

The Department will pay the HIB premium for QMBs (see PM 06-12-00). The person must be enrolled or conditionally in HIB before the Department takes over the payment of premiums. The Department cannot enroll a person in HIB. The conditional enrollment process allows a person to apply for HIB, but only receive coverage if they are determined to be eligible for QMB. Premiums are paid effective for the month of QMB eligibility, which is the month after the month of the QMB eligibility determination. Payment continues as long as the person is eligible for QMB benefits.

When ending QMB benefits, or when a client is notified by SSA that benefits have ended, notify the SSA Programs Control Unit by completing and sending the Discrepancy Referral (Form 1925).