PM 22-03-01: Replacing Destroyed Food

WAG 22-03-01.

revised textFood Destroyed in a Disaster

Food bought with SNAP benefits may be replaced if destroyed in a disaster. A disaster is a fire, flood, tornado, or other devastating event beyond the control of the unit.

Food reported destroyed in a disaster may be replaced if:

  • the SNAP unit member or approved representative signs and dates a request for replacement and the request is made within 10 calendar days of the disaster; and
  • the disaster is proven.

Replacement of Food Due to Power Outage

Food may be replaced due to a power outage of at least 4 hours. Do not approve replacement SNAP benefits:

  • if the loss of power was due to nonpayment of utility service; or
  • when food was destroyed because of a mechanical problem, such as a refrigerator breakdown.