PM 22-02-03: Replacing Child Support Checks

WAG 22-02-03.

The Family Community Resource Center Financial Recovery Coordinator (FRC) arranges the replacement of child support checks for:

  • TANF clients (excess support payments); and
  • non-TANF clients (including both non-assistance IV-D clients and former TANF clients); and
  • responsible relatives.

The FRC in the Family Community Resource Center that serves the county and zip code where the client lives is responsible for the check replacement process when:

  • the client or responsible relative reports the theft, loss, or non-receipt of a child support check; and
  • 10 postal workdays have passed since the check was mailed.

A replacement is made if:

  • a stop payment is placed before the check is paid; or
  • the check has been paid, but a review shows the endorsement is a forgery.

A stop payment request is only made for loss, theft, or non-receipt of the check. Replacements are not made for any other reason.

If the check was cashed, a review to determine if the signature is genuine takes place. If the signature is determined not genuine, the check is replaced by HFS WCU. If it is genuine, the check is not replaced.