WAG 22-02-02-b: Proving Forgery

PM 22-02-02-b.

  1. (ECU) Sends the FRC:
    • 4 copies of Affidavit of Forgery (Form 79),
    • 4 copies of the cashed check,
    • one Stop Payment & Recovery Agreement (Form 98), and
    • a copy of the Examiner's report.
  2. (FRC) Interviews the client.

    If the client claims the signature is not theirs: 

  3. (Client) Signs 4 copies of Form 79.
  4. (FCRC) Has copies of Form 79 notarized.
  5. (FCRC) Send to ECU through the LWU:
    • the notarized copies of Form 79,
    • 4 copies of the check, and
    • Form 98.

      NOTE: Original signatures are required on all of the forms. Never send copies to ECU. 

  6. (ECU) Sends documents to the Forensic Document Examiner.
  7. (Examiner) Decides if the check's endorsement is genuine.
    1. ((ECU) If the signature is not genuine, replaces the child support pass through check.
    2. If the signature is genuine, the check will not be replaced.
  8. (ECU) Sends the LWU the following if the signature is genuine:
    • 2 copies of Form 98,
    • the white and yellow copies of Form 552, and
    • Forensic Document Examiner's findings.
  9. (LWU) Closes its control and tells the FRC to notify the client that the check will not be replaced.