PM 22-01-02: Direct Deposit

WAG 22-01-02.

Upon request, the client can have all cash benefits, except child care and replacement checks, go straight into a personal checking or savings account. Checks are deposited on the mail date. When a check is directly deposited, a central notice is sent to tell the client the amount and date of the deposit.

For Direct Deposit cases:

  • child care checks are mailed to the provider's address;
  • replacement checks may be mailed to any address requested by the client;
  • MediPlan cards are mailed to the client's home address;
  • SNAP benefits are sent to the client's Illinois Link account.

Direct Deposit is available to all clients (including RPYs) who complete the enrollment procedures. No action is required by the Family Community Resource Center or the client if the client is not interested in enrolling in Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is voluntary, except for cases with a protective payee. Protective payee cases are required to be in Direct Deposit.