WAG 22-01-01-a: Training

PM 22-01-01-a

(FCRC) Provides all cash and revised textSNAP applicants with the Illinois Link Brochure, WCS 9203.  The brochure is available in six languages, with corresponding form numbers listed below:

  • WCS 9203   - English version
  • WCS 9203S - Spanish version 
  • WCS 9203A - Arabic version
  • WCS 9203P - Polish version
  • WCS 9203M - Mandarin version
  • WCS 9203U - Urdu version

The brochure includes the following information:

  • Care of the Illinois Link card (e.g., protection of the magnetic stripe).
  • How to use and secure the Illinois Link card.
  • How to use and secure the PIN.
  • How to revised textmake an inquiry or report a problem with a purchase or withdrawal.
  • Helpline phone number.
  • Use of the Helpline Service.
  • Web site information.
  • How to get benefit balances.
  • Replacement card policy.
  • How to report lost and stolen cards.
  • Responsibilities and liabilities for reporting lost or stolen Illinois Link cards.
  • How to get a new PIN.

When discussing with revised textcustomers, tell the customer to keep the card, as they will not receive a new card each month revised text. Remind customers to use the checking option to withdraw cash benefits at ATMs. Customers can only get cash if they receive cash assistance. Customers cannot get cash from an ATM if they only receive SNAP.

revised textRemind customers to call the Illinois Link Help Line at 1-800-678-LINK (5465) and the Link Card website at www.link.illinois.gov for pending deposits, benefit availability dates, account balances, SNAP certification date and transaction requests. A customer who is an RPY needs to know the correct identifying information to give when calling the Helpline or visiting the Link Card website.