WAG 21-06-10: Community Service

PM 21-06-10

Community Service

Community Service is not a SNAP E&T component. Customers participating in Community Service are not eligible for SNAP E&T supportive services. A referral is not sent to the Office of Workforce Development.


  • revised manual textUses the SNAP Activity Report (Form IL444-2610) when the Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits is in effect to verify the work hours at the start of when a customer volunteers with a Community Service Provider.
  • Explains the reporting requirements to the SNAP household. When SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits is in effect, customer residing in nonwaived counties are centrally converted to Change Reporting status (PM 18-04-00). 
  • The FCRC determines the appropriate action to take on the customer's eligibility for time-limited benefits.


  • A customer is required to work an average of 20 hours per week (80 hours per month) to meet the Work Requirement. Work hours are not verified monthly. The customer is required to report changes to the FCRC based on their reporting requirements.