PM 21-06-08: Provider and SNAP E&T Program Meetings

WAG 21-06-08.

revised manual textProvider and SNAP E&T Program Meetings

  • A staffing is case management and how the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and the SNAP E&T Provider assess and support a customer's progress in a component. The Office of Workforce Development staff, along with the SNAP E&T Provider and other interested parties, work together to help a customer who is not progressing get back on track. 
  • All customers in SNAP E&T must have a staffing. If a customer is engaged with a SNAP E&T Provider for 6 months or more, a full staffing must be completed. A customer who is cooperating but not progressing should be evaluated at the time of the staffing to determine if a change is appropriate.
  • A staffing may be held in-person or via telephone conference. A SNAP E&T Provider staffing should be scheduled monthly, and a customer staffing as needed.
  • Other interested parties included in the staffing may be counseling prevention service providers or other professionals who are involved in the customer's plan.

There are 2 types of staffing meetings:

Provider Staffing

The Office of Workforce Development staff verifies:

  • case status; and
  • customer's eligibility for continued participation with the Provider.

For each customer, the Provider reports:

  • the assigned activities;
  • number of hours of participation each month;
  • level of progress; and
  • changes to the customer's SNAP E&T Employability Plan.

Customer Staffing

The selection criteria for holding a customer staffing include:

  • poor level of customer's engagement;
  • length of time participating in the program;
  • customer receiving third party services such as counseling prevention services and other identified problems;
  • review the progress reports for each customer being discussed; 
  • hold an in-depth discussion on any problems the customer may be having;
  • discuss appropriateness of the current activity;
  • discuss new strategies to improve participation;
  • review all resources available to the customer; and
  • share information which may be unknown to the other party.

The customer is also invited to attend. The meeting may result in the need to revise the SNAP E&T Employability Plan.