WAG 21-06-07-g: Community Workfare

PM 21-06-07-g

Community Workfare

  • Determine the number of volunteer hours a person must perform in community work each month to meet the SNAP Work Requirement.
  • Divide the SNAP household's monthly SNAP benefit amount by the State or Federal Minimum wage (whichever is higher).
  • The work hours, to meet the Work Requirement may be performed by one nonexempt member of the SNAP household or the nonexempt members may agree to share work hours as long as the required number of hours are worked.
  • Use Form 3673, SNAP Work Requirement Community Work Verification to verify participation and hours.

Request for Verification of Participation

  • Form 3673 must be completed and signed by provider. The customer is responsible for returning their completed form back to the FCRC.
  • Once verified, enter the activity in the IES SNAP E&T Screen. See WAG 21-06-02 for instructions on how to enter work and training activities. The customer cannot be required to verify participation monthly. Tell the customer to report any changes in circumstances within 10 calendar days of the date they learn about the change.

How to Calculate Work Hours for the SNAP Work Requirement

A SNAP household is defined as a household that purchases and prepares food together.

  • Example 1: One-member SNAP household receives revised manual text$250 in SNAP benefits and does Community Workfare.
    • Community Workfare obtained through an E&T Provider referral.
    • revised manual text$250÷ $12.00 (State minimum wage) = 20 hours (round down).
  • Example 2: Three-member SNAP household receiving the maximum SNAP household allotment and does Community Workfare obtained through an E&T Provider referral.
    • revised manual text$658 (allotment) ÷ 3 (HH members) = $219 each member.
    • revised manual text$219 (1 ABAWD) ÷ $12.00 ( State minimum wage) =18 hours (round down).