PM 21-06-07-f: Transitional Jobs/Earnfare

WAG 21-06-07-f

new manual textTransitional Jobs/Earnfare

  • Transitional Jobs/Earnfare provides a time-limited work experience, that is wage-paid and subsidized, and is in the public, private, or non-profit sectors for those customers with barriers to employment who are chronically unemployed or have inconsistent work history. These jobs are designed to enable an individual to establish a work history, demonstrate work success in an employee-employer relationship, and develop the skills that lead to unsubsidized employment.
  • Transitional Jobs/Earnfare must sustain interactions with industry or community professionals in real world settings, have firsthand engagement with the tasks required in a given career field, emphasizes employer engagement including specific training objectives, and leads to regular employment. Some examples of work are maintenance, landscaping, and clerical.
  • Transitional Jobs/Earnfare must not provide any work that has the effect of replacing the employment of an individual. It must also provide the same benefits and working conditions that are provided at the job site to employees performing comparable work for comparable hours.

Component Participation

  • In order to participate in this component a customer must first performed Community Workfare for the maximum allowable hours (value of their SNAP benefit amount divided by the State minimum wage).  After performing Community Workfare for the maximum allowable hours, a customer can participate in Transitional Jobs/Earnfare and receive a stipend.
  • Transitional Jobs/Earnfare participation is limited to 6 months out of a consecutive 12-month period (July through June). The stipend is considered earned income and must be budgeted on the customer's SNAP case. The SNAP E&T Provider issues the stipend to the customer and is reimbursed by the Office of Workforce Development. Customers receiving a stipend are required to report its receipt based on their reporting requirements (Change Reporting or Mid-Point Reporting). When the Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits is in effect, customers living in nonwaived counties are converted to Change Reporting status.

Case Management and Supportive Services

Customers participating in Transitional Jobs/Earnfare are provided case management and supportive services.