WAG 21-06-07-e: Work Experience

PM 21-06-07-e

revised manual textWhen a customer chooses to participate in Work Experience (WE) enter the Activity in the SNAP E&T screen. See WAG 21-06-02 for instructions on how to enter work and training activities.

deleted manual text

A grievance that a person's WE assignment is causing displacement must be in writing and include the following:

  •  name of grievant;
  • case number of customer;
  • social security number of customer;
  • address;
  •  work experience assignment (work site); and
  • why they believe work assignment is causing displacement.
  • Conduct a hearing to determine if displacement is occurring.

revised manual textSupportive Services

Authorize supportive services to permit a person to take part in WE. See WAG 26-06-11 for supportive services.