PM 21-06-07: SNAP E&T Program Components

WAG 21-06-07

SNAP E&T Program Components

The Office of Workforce Development manages the customer's SNAP E&T components and supportive services. All program components include case management and supportive services. SNAP customers who volunteer to participate in SNAP E&T may take part in one or more of the components. The FCRC will make a referral to the Office of Workforce Development based on the customer's decision to participate in a component of their choice.

Non-Education/Non-Work Activity Components

Supervised Job Search

Job Search Training

Job Retention

Community Workfare 

Educational Components

Basic Education (HS, GED or ABE)

Vocational Training 

English Language Acquisition 

Work Readiness Training 

revised manual textWork Experience Components/Work Based Learning

This component must include sustained interactions with industry or community professionals in a real-world setting, or simulated environments; foster in-depth, firsthand engagement with tasks required in a given career field, that are aligned to curriculum and instruction; include specific training objectives to be attained; emphasize employer engagement and lead to regular employment. This information must be able to be tracked and a description provided.



Transitional Jobs/Earnfare 

Note: The Transitional Jobs/Earnfare program may be required for persons who are court-ordered to participate.