PM 21-06-05: Assessment Timeframes

WAG 21-06-05

revised manual textAssessment Timeframes

  • Prior to making a referral to the Office of Workforce Development, an explanation of the SNAP E&T Program is provided to the SNAP household at:
    • initial application; and
    • REDE; and
    • whenever contact is made with a SNAP household whose members may need assistance in obtaining educational or work and training skills to become employable. 
  • A brief assessment of the volunteer is initiated by the FCRC.
  • Once the referral is received, the Office of Workforce Development or the SNAP E&T Provider will contact the customer within 30 days to complete the full assessment of gathering information that will help with determining the appropriate SNAP E&T components.  
  • The Office of Workforce Development and/or the SNAP E&T Provider will reassess the customer any time it is necessary to determine their suitability for a different component or upon the customer's request.