PM 21-06-03: Program Requirements

WAG 21-06-03

Program Requirements

  • SNAP customers who do not receive TANF Cash may volunteer to participate in SNAP E&T. FCRC staff must inform customers of the SNAP E&T Program and its activity components, including Transitional Jobs/Earnfare and supportive services. FCRC staff will discuss the SNAP E&T Program at initial application, REDE and whenever contact is made with a SNAP household whose members may need assistance in obtaining educational or work and training skills to become employable. revised manual textA customer assessment is initiated by the FCRC and sent to the Office of Workforce Development to complete the final evaluation of the customer's work history, education and determine the appropriate components in the SNAP E&T Program.
  • Once the Office of Workforce Development receives the referral, the customer is expected to comply with all requirements of the SNAP E&T Program. If needed, an assessment will be done by the Office of Workforce Development for customers who are not progressing in the program.
  • SNAP E&T volunteers are not sanctioned and may stop participation in the program without any penalties. However, a SNAP customer who does not meet a Work Provision exemption may be sanctioned for failing to comply with the SNAP work rules (PM 03-15-00, PM 03-15-01, PM 03-15-02).
  • Customers who are not exempt (PM 03-25-01) must comply with the SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limited Benefits policy to prevent the loss of benefits after receiving the initial 3 full months (PM 03-25-02).  FCRC staff must explain how the customer's participation in SNAP E&T can meet the Work Requirement and maintain SNAP eligibility. Currently the entire State is exempt from SNAP Work Requirement Time-Limit Benefits throughrevised manual text 10/31/2024.